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Name: Red Willow

Local name: Beade ghermez

Botanical name: Salix Elbursensis boiss

Directly shipped from the snowy mountains of Alborz, Zagros and Ararat, Red willow is highly popular among designers, flower school teachers (Ikebana), and premium florists.

Information & Features:

•  Grows in the mountains of Alborz, Zagros and Ararat at an altitude of around 2000m.

•  Color: Red

•  Gets in this rich red color at temperatures reaching as low as -30˚C

•  Available form November to September (11 months).

•  Flexibility: Highly flexible, taking different shapes. Flexible enough to wind it around your arm.

•  Color and flexibility last up to 2 months if placed in water (Change water weekly), Even without water, color and flexibility will last for 2 weeks.

•  Durability: Durable and can be kept for a long time.

•  Turns dry in absence of water and dos not rot.

•  Cultivation: In cold mounts.

•  Transportation: Easily transportable to different places with different climates.

•  Price: Economical to buy for celebration because of its low price.

•  Use: In different celebrations like Valentine. Also it used to decorate of flowers, weave baskets and more ...

•  Method of keeping: It can be kept in cold weather for 2 months and it can be kept in room for 1 month.

•  Surface under plant: 150,000 square meter.

•  No. of working personnel: 200 person.

Transportation method:

Air transportation with Aeroflot ( Russia ), KLM ( Holland ), Lufthansa ( Germany ), Emirates (UAE) airlines.

Close and continuous relationship of Bead Persia with the above-mentioned Airlines to dispatch the products to destination on time.

Boxes: Packages sized 130 & 180 cm with suitable and durable quality using the best raw materials.

Countries importing our products:

Holland, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, England, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, China.

Design: Behrooz Safajou